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Date Title Series Speaker
  7/13/2014 Legalism, License, and Love

Our obedience to God is a result of our love for God.

The Grace Debate Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/10/2014 If God is Good, Why...?

Why do the wicked seem to prosper while the righteous suffer?

Pastor Larry Wood
  7/6/2014 Two Mothers and Two Sons

Paul presents four arguments to convince the Galatians that salvation cannot be earned.

The Grace Debate Dr. Phil Neighbors
  7/6/2014 Jesus' Resurrection: Simply Historical Part 1

What is the evidence of Jesus' resurrection?

Reasons to Believe Pastor Eric Hahn
  7/2/2014 When the Wheels Come Off

Why did trials and sorrow come to the life of Job, and what did he do about it?

Pastor Larry Wood
  6/30/2014 Question and Answer Session

The pastors of Valley Baptist Church answer questions from church members regarding the new campus on Olive Drive.

Dr. Roger Spradlin and Dr. Phil Neighbors
  6/29/2014 Christ in You - the Goal of Grace

A pastor who loves his congregation preaches the truth, even when it contradicts the current culture.

The Grace Debate Dr. Roger Spradlin
  6/25/2014 Understanding the Unpardonable Sin

There is one sin that God will not forgive.

Pastor Larry Wood
  6/22/2014 Growing in Grace

As a Christian, you are an heir of the Messiah and not a slave to the Law.

The Grace Debate Dr. Roger Spradlin
  6/22/2014 Reasons to Believe in Creation

Many people believe that evidence for evolution has been proven, but the Bible teaches differently.

Reasons to Believe Pastor Matt Weir