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Date Title Series Speaker
  4/20/2014 Life Without Easter

What would life be like without the Resurrection?

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  4/20/2014 The Apostles and the Resurrection

Both Peter and Paul refer to the book of Psalms as they preach about the Resurrection.

The Apostle Dr. Phil Neighbors
4/16/2014 Adoption: It's a Family Thing for Believers

Adoption is a profoundly biblical concept.

Wonderful Words of Life Pastor Larry Wood
  4/13/2014 Why the Cross?

Why was the Cross necessary for our salvation?

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
4/9/2014 Redemption: Free At Last!

Redemption is the key to Christianity.

Wonderful Words of Life Pastor Larry Wood
  4/6/2014 Who Do You Say I Am?

Who is Jesus Christ?

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  4/6/2014 A Love Worth Fighting For

Paul's love for Christ gave him a strong love for the church.

The Apostle Kyle Hogg
4/2/2014 Reconciliation:Enemies No More

We are separated from God, and only reconciliation can bring us together again.

Wonderful Words of Life Pastor Larry Wood
  3/30/2014 Worthless Worship

There are times when God will not accept our worship.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
3/26/2014 Propitiation:Relax, God Isn't Angry At You

An offering has been provided for our sins.

Wonderful Words of Life Pastor Larry Wood