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Date Title Series Speaker
1/21/2015 What God Gives Us for the Trip

God provides for all of our needs.

Help for Hard Times Pastor Larry Wood
1/20/2015 Servant Summit:Developing a Christ-like Spirit

What is your attitude in ministry?

Dr. Roger Spradlin
1/18/2015 Resolving Conflict in Marriage

In marriage, there will be conflict, and it must be faced in order to be resolved.

Marriage Matters Dr. Roger Spradlin
1/18/2015 The Brazen Altar: The Place of Sacrifice

In order to approach God, you must first come to the altar.

The Tabernacle: The Dwelling Place of God Dr. Phil Neighbors
1/11/2015 Intimacy in Marriage

To be fully known and still be loved is the supreme goal of marriage.

Marriage Matters Dr. Roger Spradlin
1/11/2015 The Garden, the Tabernacle, and Heaven

God's desire is to dwell among His people.

The Tabernacle: The Dwelling Place of God Dr. Phil Neighbors
1/5/2015 The Life of George Whitfield

Pastor Phil gives us a lesson in church history.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
1/4/2015 Ready or Not...Jesus is Coming

There is a lot that we don't know about the future, but we do know this: Jesus is coming back.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
12/28/2014 The Wisdom Imperative

What is wisdom, and why should we pursue it?

Dr. Walter Strickland Jr
12/21/2014 When the Ordinary Becomes Extraordinary

God uses ordinary people for extraordinary purposes.

Dr. Roger Spradlin