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Date Title Series Speaker
  8/23/2016 Live to Fulfill Your Ministry

Every believer has an obligation, to take the name of the Lord to the world.

Pastor Ty Barksdale
  8/21/2016 The Meaning of the Lord's Supper

Pastor Roger Spradlin takes a look at Matthew's account of the Lord's Supper.

Dr. Roger Spradlin
  8/21/2016 Back to Eden

There is a great parallel between the first two chapters of Genesis and the last two chapters of Revelation.

Understanding the Book of Revelation Pastor Brian Busby
  8/14/2016 The Lord's Prayer

On the night before His crucifixion, Jesus prays for His disciples and for all future believers.

The Gospel of John Dr. Roger Spradlin
  8/14/2016 Servant Summit: We are the Light of the World

The Bible refers to Christians as light; and as believers, we are to let our light shine in this dark world.

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  8/7/2016 A Child is a Blessing from God

The scriptures guide us in the way we are to view and raise our children.

Pastor Rusty Kuhns
  8/7/2016 Jesus' Final Message

Through a relationship with Jesus Christ; we can have peace, even in the middle of difficult times.

The Gospel of John Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/31/2016 Heaven Will Be Full of Convicts

The Bible is all about Jesus. And the Holy Spirit is all about pointing to Jesus.

The Gospel of John Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/31/2016 An Angel's Guided Tour of Heaven

Revelation 21 gives us a vivid description of Heaven.

Understanding the Book of Revelation Dr. Phil Neighbors
  7/24/2016 Bold Witnesses in a Hateful World

As Christians, we should be prepared for the world to hate us because of our close association with Jesus.

The Gospel of John Pastor Andrew Spradlin