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Today's Walk has one purpose: reach people for Christ.  We do that through the presentation of the gospel using mass media, including television and radio. Our goal is also to strengthen Christians in their daily walk with relevant and practical teaching from God's word.

As the Broadcast Ministry of Valley Baptist Church, Today's Walk features the teaching and preaching of Dr. Roger Spradlin, co-pastor for the last 26 years of Valley Baptist in Bakersfield, California. Our broadcast ministry is not televangelism, it's simply a glimpse into our weekly worship services.

Today's Walk Television is seen all across North America and around the world.  Watch the latest program below.  Order a DVD to the left and explore the many networks and locations you can view the program globally.

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August 13, 2017– Program: TW495
This week on our TV Broadcast we'll continue in our series of messages on the book of Colossians. As we move into chapter 2 we see a major transition from the sufficiency of Christ in chapter 1 to the deficiency of false teaching.  Paul shows us that with the onslaught of false teaching that we should cling to truth.  We should do that together in love.  Dr. Roger Spradlin will teach us that we should not just live with compassion toward others, but that we should be woven together. We are weak alone, and strong together.  Watch "A Contrast Between Truth and Error" from Colossians 2:1-10.

Today's Walk is totally supported by our viewers and the members of Valley Baptist Church. We never ask for donations during our program.  We offer all DVD's and CD's on a donation only basis.  If you watch Today's Walk please consider supporting the ministry. Watch the video below for more information on how this broadcast ministry works.
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A New series called "Nehemiah: A Leader With a Heart". In part 2 Pastor Spradlin is in Nehemiah 21:1-10 with "Successful Leadership".