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Date Title Series Speaker
  8/15/2018 Are You a Holy Person?

God's desire for us as Christians is to be holy, but what does that mean and how will it affect our way of life?

The Book of Isaiah Pastor Larry Wood
  8/12/2018 What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do

We obtain wisdom by searching the scripture.

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin
  8/12/2018 Servant Summit:Being a Welcoming Church

The first ten minutes of a visitor's experience at a church can help that person decide whether or not he or she will return to that church.

Pastor Andrew Spradlin
  8/8/2018 When's the Right Time to Take a Knee?

How do you bless the Lord?

Dr. Phil Neighbors
  8/5/2018 How to Respond When Life Gets Tough

We are to respond to life’s trials with an understanding mind.

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin
  8/5/2018 When Not to Tell People About Jesus

We have to be prepared to tell the whole story of Jesus.

The Followers Dr. Phil Neighbors
  8/1/2018 Three Responses to the Gospel

In Acts 17, Paul's sermon is interrupted by people who don't believe in the resurrection of Jesus.

How To Witness for God in an Ungodly World Pastor Larry Wood
  7/29/2018 An Introduction to James

As Christians, our belief and our behavior cannot be separated.

Living Our Faith Dr. Roger Spradlin
  7/29/2018 The Reluctant Prophet

How did Moses triumph over discouragement?

Pastor Kyle Hogg
  7/22/2018 The Confession That Brings Restoration

Our return to God always begins with genuine confession of sin.

Lamentations: The Consequences of Sin Dr. Roger Spradlin