Give Online

One of the best thermometers of our spiritual health is our stewardship.

Jesus said where your treasure is, there your heart will also be. We want to provide e-giving as a convenient way to fulfill our stewardship obligations. A person will be able to give a one-time gift online or set up a recurring gift. Such gifts can be given via bank draft, debit card, credit card and through our Giving App.  We were hesitant to set up a system for credit card use since we do not want anyone to pile up consumer debt by giving to the Church. However, we know that many families like to use a credit card to earn frequent flier miles and other awards. We want to meet the needs and requests of our Church family.

Security, of course, is a major concern regarding e-giving. We constantly hear horror stories about credit card fraud, stolen PIN numbers, electronic hackers, and identity thieves. The fact is, electronic transmissions are safer than paper checks. Traditional paper checks not only have account information on them but also names, addresses and in some instances, even phone numbers. Electronic transactions contain less information than is contained on a typical check.

You can begin the process of giving online by clicking the button:

You can also download our Pushpay App.  Find out more by clicking the button below:
If you have any further questions,  please call (661) 393-5683 or e-mail:
                           Dr. Roger Spradlin