Belong - Grow - Serve

Our goal for each person who attends our church is the same: that you will Belong, Grow, and Serve! 
All three of these components are interconnected and work together to produce spiritual maturity.


Every human being has an innate desire within them to belong.  Below are suggestions for you to move from feeling like an attendee to feeling like you belong at Valley.

·         Join a Sunday School-LifeGroup class.  Sunday School satisfies that “longing for belonging” like nothing else.  It is the way we connect to one another in our church.  Please don’t allow yourself to get lost in the crowd.  While Valley is big, it feels much smaller if you join a Sunday School class where people know and care for one another.

·         Join the church.  We are thrilled if you have been a faithful attendee of our church.  We hope you continue!  However, we also hope that you move beyond just attending to being a member of our church.  If you want more information about what membership is and why we have it, please visit here.

·         Join in service.  Nothing creates deeper bonds among Christians than joining hands in service to people in your church and community.


Often we think about spiritual growth regarding biblical knowledge.  However, Bible study is only a means to growth; it is not the measuring stick of growth.  Spiritual growth is measured by transformation.  God is committed to making you a new person, a person that looks more and more like Jesus.

Below are several suggestions to help enhance your growth as a Christian (in no particular order).

·         Be quick to confess your sin to God.  Do not let long periods of time go with unconfessed sin festering in your life.  There is nothing that will stunt your growth as a Christian faster than sin.  When you sin, be quick to own up to it before God and to turn from it.

·         Be faithful in attending the worship service and a Sunday School class.  God’s Word is taught and explained in both of these settings, and if you make this simple commitment, you will set a wonderful foundation for God to work in your life.

·         Read and study the Bible every day.  If you are not hearing from God and His Word, you are not growing.  God uses His Word to transform us into the image of His Son Jesus.

·         Pray and rely on God’s grace to bring change in your life.  You can’t do it, but He can!

·         Take advantage of the discipleship classes our church offers.  We have classes on all kinds of different topics that will help you grow in your walk with God.  For information on this semester’s classes, please visit here.

·         Become a servant.  God has a way of bringing change in our lives when we serve Him and others around us.  After all, being a Christian means that we are a follower of Jesus.  Following Jesus involves humbling yourself like him and becoming a servant.


“Christian” and “servant” should be virtual synonyms, but they are not in our culture.  It is hard to be a servant.  We like to be the ones served, not the ones serving.  Jesus said, “He who is greatest among you shall be your servant” (Matthew 23:11).

Below are some suggestions of how you can begin serving.

·         Serve your family and friends.  We all have family, friends, classmates, or co-workers that we interact with every day.  Serve them!  It’s sometimes easier to serve people you don’t know, but the greatest challenge is becoming a servant to those you interact with regularly.

·         Serve your church.  Service opportunities abound and we never have too much help (helping with preschoolers, children, youth, singing, playing an instrument, etc…).

·         Serve through your church.  Our church offers many different ways to serve our community, and we need more help.  We also are actively engaged in taking the good news of Jesus beyond our community to the entire world.  Learn more about our missions and evangelism here (link).

·         Serve your community.  Become the person on your street who everyone comes to when something is needed.  Whether it is providing some needed brown sugar, or it is watching their kids while they make a quick trip to the grocery store, serve your neighborhood and community!