High School Life Groups

Fruitvale Campus


Comitatus 9-12 grade - Tommy and Cassia Ferrara

His Way 9/10 grade -  Alan and Linda Witherell, Danny Ramos

onversations- Girls Only 9/10 grade - Cassia Ferrara,
Natalie Campbell, Krissy Armstrong

Redeemed 9/10 grade- Jason and Michelle Maples,
Caleb Cloud, Sarajoy Unfried

Roman's Road 9/10 grade
- Curt and Kelly Carter

Youth 4 Truth 9/10 grade
-  Ron and Karen Medeiros,
Jake Bryant, Travis Brewer

Grounded 11/12 grade
- Andy and Hilary Varner,
                Coby and Courtney Wright, Josh and Jennifer Conley

L.I.F.E.  11/12 grade
- Chris and Toni Brewer, Ben Shafer

The Watchmen 11/12 grade
- Joe and Candace Hayes,
Chance and Adriana Bland

Olive Drive Campus

9:30 am

Classified 9-12 grade-  Chris Patterson, Kyle Brenner,
Clemmie Krause, Beth Prevost