Where to Watch

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Bakersfield - Sunday Midnight

Cable 3 and over the air digital on channel 17-1


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Bakersfield - Sunday 6:30am

Cable 6 and over the air digital on channel 58-2

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Sunday - 4:30pm Et

NRB is carried on Direct TV channel 378

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Bakersfield - Sunday 6am

CW Cable 12 and over the air digital on channel 17-2

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Jeruselum - Sunday noon

English (Arabic Subtitles)
AMOS 3 Satellite - 4 Degrees West
YES channel 109
HOT channel 73

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Alkarma - Monday 8:30am PT

Satellite: Galaxy 19 - North America
EuropeOn Satellite: Nilesat AB4 - Middle East, North Africa
Satellite: Optus D2 - Australia and New Zealand